Lana Janjanin

composer | singer-songwriter | pianist

"Hidden behind this name is not only a personable woman, but also a musical luminary.

Consistent artists have the patience to wait for the right moment to release their record. This moment has come with “A Minute Of Love“. Of course she could interpret a range of standards - which, by the way, she does in an outstanding way - but she presents her own compositions. Several of them undoubtedly have the potential to become standards themselves. Her mellow voice with a subtle timbre and her magnificent English are impressive in all musical facets, be it a funky/groovy song or a ballad. Lana Janjanin has left nothing to chance on this album and this commitment is perceptible: she has gathered first rate musicians aboard and added a very informative and nicely designed booklet with all the lyrics in it. Heartfelt congratulations on this album. We are looking forward to hearing more from her!" Wolfgang Weitlaner, Concerto Magazine